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Denise Barnes

Denise has been helping people realize their dreams since 2002. In an effort to better serve her customers in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky she opened Carriage Gate Ltd. Real Estate in 2006. She specializes in equestrian and cattle properties, recreation & hunting lands, lake properties and timber land, offering signature services for buyers and sellers. When you work with Denise you will benefit from her determination to succeed. Her biggest strength is being able to match a customer’s need with the perfect property. Denise loves the outdoors from merely sitting and admiring the Palisades of the Kentucky River to, a day of racing at Keeneland Race course, to riding the retired old girls through the woods. Denise feels that the quality of life and reasonable prices are just some of the many advantages offered in the Bluegrass state. This area offers gracious homes and farms, a genteel lifestyle, a balanced climate, economic stability and unmatched natural beauty.


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Len Jozunas

Known as Lenford by many of his friends, Len came to Kentucky from the UK in 1996, where he had worked for 21 years in the health field. His experience living and working in England and Scotland means that he brings various attributes to Carriage Gate Ltd, including organizational skills, and the ability to meet new challenges head on. An avid golfer, (though not a good one) Len enjoys most sports, including soccer, cricket, snooker and rugby, but since moving to Kentucky he now has basketball fever, and has fallen in love with The Kentucky Wildcats. He also loves horse racing, and hopes one day to get that elusive Pick 6, but for right now he has to be content with the odd exacta, trifecta or 10c superfecta.





As “America’s” lead horse, and farm companion, Casper received his share of the accolades... Casper, pronounced “Gaspar” by his French owners is a beautiful big grey horse who was bought in 1999 from a Pony Farm in Florida. The owner had had a white cat and was struck by his white color. His history is interesting, and he was sold to the current owners because it was said “he was a bad horse.” His previous owner was using him as a lead horse at Calder Race Course in Miami, Florida, but he complained that Casper was afraid of the starting gate, and so he wasn’t good for the job. His breeding is unknown, but he was probably a quarter-horse. Gentle by nature, his owners ride him regularly, and use him to help school thoroughbred race horses on their small farm in Kentucky. This he does very well, probably because he has a commanding stature, and an air of confidence about him. His schooling skills stood his owners in good stead over a two to three year period from 2003-2005, when they purchased a thoroughbred filly called America America. At the time the rest of the horse world doubted his trainer"s judgment, but he proved them wrong when “America” began first placing and then winning some very good races both here in the US and in Europe. He received criticism from some quarters, who argued that the filly was racing too much, but the trainer countered that what worked for some horses didn’t necessarily work for others.

He later said half jokingly that it was “Gaspar” who was actually telling him that “America” was ready for particular races, because of the way they interacted. As “America’s” lead horse, and farm companion, Casper received his share of the accolades, and some might say he reveled in her glory as much as she did. Now at Stonestreet Farm with a foal of her own, “America” no longer gets to see Casper, and when he is not schooling other horses, he spends his time lazily munching in the paddocks, occasionally getting some juicy crisp carrots as a treat.